August 01, 2013

The Nameless Ghouls name five Swedish albums they consider great

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

have you ever thought about asking the Nameless Ghouls what are in their opinion some great albums from their own homeland? Whether you have or not, now we have an answer!
The magazine self-titled, which also published yesterday a tour diary by Ides of Gemini's guitarist J. Bennett about the gigs they shared with Ghost back in April, also features this interesting article where each one of the Nameless Ghouls names a Swedish album he considers great and explains why.
It is of course interesting for us, as fans of their music, to get to to know a bit more of each Ghoul's musical taste and not surprisingly (in a good way) their choices  brought up together a nice variety of styles and sounds.
 Move your astral body to the free online issue of self-titled mag to read why the Ghoul bassist chose "Detta Har Hänt " by Gösta Berlings Saga, the Ghoul drummer "Destroy Erase Improve" by Meshuggah, the Ghoul rhythm guitarist "We Are The Ark" by The Ark, the Ghoul lead guitarist "Barn Av Vår Tid" by Nationalteatern and the Ghoul Keyboardist "Wasa Express" by Wasa Express.

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