September 19, 2013

Ghost at Foro Sol, Mexico City 17/09/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

after reading Ghost's post-ritual message yesterday, mentioning something about coming back to Mexico "properly dressed",  many of us were wondering what might have happened, and as some first videos, even though a bit blurry, started to appear, we could see that actually our Papa was performing without his Papal hat and wearing a different robe! Well, in the video of "Stand By Him" that you can find below, we can listen to an explanation directly by him: somewhere along their path, his unholy garments got stolen!, but without hesitating, they have promptly come up with an alternative solution and delivered their awesome performance anyway. Nothing can keep them from spreading their gospel, and may whoever tried to ruin their crusade be swallowed by the the eternal boredom of Heaven while we instead enjoy the pleasures of Hell along with Ghost! Here is some footage from the ritual, unfortunately so far there are only a few, low quality videos, but hopefully something better will pop up soon. At least, in certain moments the blurry quality adds a eerie touch indeed! For sure, we can anyway hear and see a very passionate support and devotion coming from the crowd: well done, fellow devotees in Mexico ;)

A brief update: apparently Papa's outfits were missing only due to a delay with the luggage, not because they were stolen, so we guess that just one hundred years of boredom instead of the whole eternity might suffice as punishment for whoever caused this to happen. ;)

"Infestissumam" + "Per Aspera Ad Inferi"

Another excerpt from "Infestissumam and "Per Aspera Ad Inferi"
{brief, but with that always-thrilling guitar solo at min. 00:24!}

"Con Clavi Con Dio"

"Stand By Him"
{Papa: 'Mr. Drummer Ghoul, give me a beat!'
 and here a loud 'Hell Yes!' resonated through the whole Coven}

"Year Zero"

"Monstrance Clock" (ending part)

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  1. seriously, am I the only one with the theory that the robe he used at foro sol will be papa emeritus the third's?
    if you look at fan-taken pictures of this show, you can see that he wears some kind of stola, with the grucifix worked into the fabric, and the mask UUMM I mean his FACE! is painted differently. you can't simply make a new costume that has very detailed art on it from scratch just before your gig starts. I don't have an explanation why he would carry this new costume around yet, but we all know already that he WILL be replaced soon.