September 20, 2013

Ghost at Rock in Rio, Brazil 19/09/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

did you enjoy the live streaming of the ritual at Rock in Rio? We think it has been one of the most heartfelt and intense performances our beloved Ghost have ever delivered, and we are still in awe. Our Papa and all the Nameless Ghouls have been simply flawless,they always are of course, but this was a special occasion which has made us unbelievably proud of being Ghost devotees, for many many reasons that probably we do not need to explain here in details, not that we would be able to do that anyway at the moment, we are barely able to put together a sentence as we still are in a mystical trance after witnessing such awesomeness. When Papa sang the 'above the stars of God' verse, it never felt so true! {And needless to say, when He introduced 'Stand By Him' saying, 'I think they are in badly need of a steady, sexy drumbeat...hey Drummer Ghoul!' one of us was literally levitating off the ground}. The whole ritual was impressive and we are sure that all the fellow devotees in Rio de Janeiro will never forget this experience! By the way, apparently Papa's clothes in Mexico City were missing only due to a delay with the luggage, and not because they were stolen, at least this is what we have been hearing lately and actually, earlier at Rock in Rio he was wearing all his usual garments, so hopefully this is what happened. We know that a very kind fellow devotee has recorded everything, so we will soon be able to re-watch this amazing ritual over and over again, in the meanwhile, let us enjoy some humble screen caps we took. But before doing that, we really have to end this brief comment of ours with a very sincere 'Thank you, Ghost'. For being everything that you are and for never ceasing to thrill us with your great music and art!

UPDATES: A better quality recording of the ritual has appeared:

And some other moments from the show:

These are from from 'Con Clavi Con Dio': Papa Emeritus II's performance was overall impressive not only vocally, but also theatrically. When he sang the part, "Sathanas/ We Are One/ Out Of Three/ Trinity" the moment was so fervid that no soul on Earth would resist him.

A lot of energy in Omega's performance yesterday: so grrrroovy he shook the hell out of us!

'Hey, Drummer Ghoul' undeniably a 'steady sexy drumbeat' delivered perfectly as usual!

We will probably add some more later as we rewatch the footage and get inspired! We are also commenting together the ritual on the >message boards so we wait for you there as well!


  1. That was beyond amazing. I won't be coming down to earth anytime soon!!!

  2. I was there, and I'm a "new" converted to Ghost. I've been listening to the songs for over a year, but the moment the concert started I was completely blown away. It was one of the most memorable performances I've ever seen! I loved it and now I can't stop listening to Papa!
    BTW, I found your blog looking for more information on the songs and it's really good! congrats!
    Well, now I'm hoping for another ritual here in Rio. Hope it won't take long!

  3. Thank you, we are glad you enjoy the Coven! We totally understand how you felt, you were experiencing their awesomeness! Hope you will get more rituals soon. We know very well it is hard to deal with Ghost withdrawal...;)