September 06, 2013


Some epic and glorious moments in the history of Ghost

November 2010
Ghost are featured on Fenriz' "Band Of The Week" blog, and we all know how much that meant: story goes that Lee Dorrian noticed them from there and later signed them to Rise Above.

Download festival 2011
Down close their set with "Bury me In Smoke" and invite on stage members of Ghost to perform together: here is some footage of our Ghoul drummer, Alpha and Omega proudly representing Ghost in this badass moment!

Linköping, December 2012
Papa Emeritus II takes over Emeritus I

Gothenburg, January 2013
Ghost perform "Secular Haze" on Swedish national TV at the P3 Guld awards ceremony

September 2013
Ghost are the first Swedish band ever playing at Rock in Rio be continued...

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