September 21, 2013

Interview with two Nameless Ghouls at Rock in Rio

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

a new (and sort of unusual, we should say) interview today has been brought to our attention by a kind
 devotee from Brasil: two of the Nameless Ghouls have been interviewed after the ritual at Rock in Rio and have talked a bit about how it felt to perform there, what the whole idea of being masked is about and what it represents in the concept of Ghost, and their musical influences. (Additionally also a brief attempt at the unfamous groupies question was made, but our Nameless Ghouls handled it like the gentleGhouls they are and elegantly cut it short). Overall a brief but nonetheless interesting interview that we appreciated a lot here in the Coven, also because, after playing an amazing ritual and giving their best on stage just right before doing the interview, we wonder how they could even manage to sound so fresh and be so talktive like they were not tired at all and conducted it so smoothly. Ah well, we almost forgot they are not of this world, so that is probably the reason...;)


  1. You might want to read this FAQ: ;)

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