October 04, 2013

"Infestissumam Redux" (new edition) and more cover songs to be released!

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

providing this is not a hallucination derived from the fumes of the incense we have been inhaling, there are some very exciting news from our almighty Ghost today!

Have a look here on Bengans.se, we notice:
  • a brand new edition of "Infestissumam", called "Infestissumam Redux" which consists of two CDs: the album itself including the bonus track "La Mantra Mori" on CD Iand a collection of cover songs on CD II : "If You Have Ghosts" by Roky Erickson,  "Crucified" by Army Of Lovers, (both previously unreleased)"I’m A Marionette" by ABBA,"Waiting For The Night" by Depeche Mode (all of them produced by Dave Grohl) and additionally the live version of "Secular Haze";

  • the cover songs and "Secular Haze (live)" are also available on  black maxi 12" vinyl, or on clear maxi 12" vinyl within a bundle with the "Infestissumam" double CD.

All these unholy goodies will be released on November 20th.

What better way to start our day on this Earth than this succulent news, thank you Ghost! But let us not waste anymore time, we are in for some blasphemous shopping!

Updates: The official site to pre-order now the "If You Have Ghost" EP and merchandise is: http://clergy.ghost-official.com/.


  1. Only in Bengans?

  2. As for the bundle (now sold out on that site) and the Double CD we are not aware so far of other links to pre-order; while apparently the EP is also on sale here: http://cdon.se/musik/ghost/if_you_have_ghost_(12%22)_(limited_edition)-25262100

  3. Thanks, unfortunately they don't accept international orders.

  4. The vinyl is completely sold out a Bengans as they have received a lot of pre-orders! Last chance to pre-book Infestissumam Redux (only 3000 copies worldwide) - this version will only be available in Sweden and nowhere else!

  5. Do you where I can get the EP on it's own on CD for delivery to the UK? And will it have the BC taken off?

  6. Here is the official link for international pre-orders: http://clergy.ghost-official.com/

  7. For Infestissumam Redux there still seems to be CD's available: http://www.bengans.se/product.aspx?Currency=sek&language=en&skivkod=689049&section=music