October 09, 2013

Visiones - Live Photos - Newport Music Hall, Columbus (OH) 07/10/2013

Photos kindly sent to the Coven by our fellow devotee Jason Long (thank you!)

Photos by Alice Cooper Pics (our fellow devotee SecularHaze on the Coven message boards) on Flickr

01-IMG_20131007_143417_168 02-IMG_4154
10-IMG_4162 13-IMG_4165
15-IMG_4167 16-IMG_4168
18-IMG_4170 19-IMG_4171
20-IMG_4172 21-IMG_4173
22-IMG_4174 23-IMG_4175
24-IMG_4176 25-IMG_4177
26-IMG_4178 27-IMG_4179
33-IMG_4185 35-IMG_4187
36-IMG_4188 38-IMG_4190
41-IMG_4193 42-IMG_4194
43-IMG_4195 45-IMG_4197
46-IMG_4198 47-IMG_4199
48-IMG_4200 50-IMG_4202
52-IMG_4204 53-IMG_4205
59-IMG_4211 61-IMG_4213
64-IMG_4216 66-IMG_4218
69-IMG_4221 70-IMG_4222
71-IMG_4223 72-IMG_4224
73-IMG_4225 74-IMG_4226
78-IMG_4230 79-IMG_4231
81-IMG_4233 83-IMG_4235
84-IMG_4236 85-IMG_4237
87-IMG_4239 89-IMG_4241
90-IMG_4242 92-IMG_4244

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