October 02, 2013

Visiones - Unholy Communions: Ghost Meet and Greets

In this new room of the Coven, we celebrate the Unholy Communion between Ghost and their loyal devotees and collect photos of their Meet and Greets all over the World: unforgettable moments for sure for anyone who had the chance to experience a live meeting with our almighty Papa and the Nameless Ghouls!

Buenos Aires - Argentina, 27/09/2013

Ghost also took a picture with the flag the fellow devotees in Argentina made for them:

Courtesy of Jorge Palomares / GHOST Argentina

Asunción, Paraguay, 29/09/2013

Also behold this rare image showing our Papa Emeritus II doing a very well known (un)blessing gesture:

Courtesy of Thales Araújo

Hollywood (CA) - U.S.A. , 16/04/2013

Our fellow devotee Brett sent us these pictures from the signing session and art gallery in L.A.

His brother talking to Papa Emeritus II

...and a very happy fellow devotee with his precious treasure!

Courtesy of Brett (abouttreefitty on the Coven message boards)

If you have experienced an Unholy Communion with Ghost and would like to see your photo on the Coven, please do not hesitate sending it to us as attachment to: thenamelesswitch@gmail.com, our familiars will gladly receive your contributions and deliver them to us.
Please note: only pictures authorized by Ghost themselves - no out of costume pictures - thank you.

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