November 24, 2013

Ghost at Backstage, München 23/11/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

some first videos from München have appeared on Youtube and we are very grateful for these promptly uploads, with a nice quality of sound and image! It's also very clear how the whole crowd was very caught up with the awesomeness and it's always great to see our fellow devotees all over the World enjoying their ritual!

"Death Knell" + "Genesis" amazing is this? We are speechless!

"Ghuleh/Zombie Queen"

"Secular Haze"


  1. Seriously, the whole show was AMAZING! Best concert i've ever been to! My voice is still fucked up, i was screaming all the lyrics from the top of my long and i can hear me screaming a few times haha, even threw in a few "hail satan!". This was an awesome experience!

  2. Fantastic, Vlad! Glad to hear you enjoyed some serious devotion at the ritual!