November 12, 2013

"IF YOU HAVE GHOST" EP FULL STREAMING and track-by track comment!

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

“[...]We wanted to do one of their songs,
 though, because it’s always fun bringing a 
homoerotic composition into the oh-so-hetero
 metal community!”
Ghost talks about covering "Crucified"
 by Army of Lovers

"unbelievable" and "otherwordly" are probably among the words we have been using more often to describe our almighty Papa and the Nameless Ghouls since the Coven has been created, and tonight, won't be an exception as a truly unholy gift has been revealed on the Quietus: the upcoming new EP "If You Have Ghost" in full streaming, including an amazing, previously never heard, version of Army of Lovers' "Crucified", and a track-by track comment by Ghost themselves (thanks to our fellow devotee Branislav for the heads up on this!). While all the other tracks have been already available before, and therefore we already had time to fully enjoy them, "Crucified" has made its debut among us only a few hours ago and let us tell you fellow Ghost devotees, that it has immediately become one of our favorite cover songs by Ghost so far. Not only it totally fits with Ghost's concept, but their version of the song sounds simply amazing, it's darker, it rocks just as much as it should, it resembles a foggy and horror-esque atmosphere, and Papa's voice has that eerie vibe we love so much, overall the song really includes most of qualities that make them unique and unforgettable to us.
So, this has really made our night here in the Coven and while we are dancing in circles, reaching out our arms towards our Master and leaving this earthly realm behind, we really hope that all of you who are reading this will join us and praise the glory of our almighty Ghost together.
Below you can listen to the full EP (please note: this is still not available in every country, so if it doesn't play in yours, we are very sorry but it's not not our fault, nor Ghost's, you can blame the music industry for that and try to put a curse on it).

Also, be sure not to miss this very interesting track-by-track comment by Ghost, which explains us   how the cover songs have been chosen and how Ghost have worked in effort to leave their mark on them , adding their twist to the songs, also with the contribution of Dave Grohl on production, drums (on "I'm A Marionette" and "Waiting For The Night") and rhythm guitar (on "If You Have Ghost(s)").

"IF YOU HAVE GHOST(s)" EP is due to be released on November 19th: PRE-ORDER HERE! We have already booked our copy a long time ago and on Nov. 19th there will be a great celebration.

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  1. Crucified is so beautiful and haunting. I cannot stop listening to it!!!!