December 03, 2013

Ghost at BBC Radio 1 Rock Show

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

earlier today Ghost announced they had previously performed at BBC Radio 1 Rock Show (they recorded the whole session at Maida Vale Studios on November 8th, 2013)  and provided a link to listen to the show, which got aired a couple of hours ago. It was an amazing surprise to find out one by one what tracks were chosen for the show: "Prime Mover", "Jigolo Har Megiddo", "Year Zero" and "If You Have Ghost(s)", each one introduced with a comment by the Nameless Ghoul. Below you can listen to what we managed to capture from the streaming (only "Prime Mover" lacks the very beginning cause we were setting up when the song started). An awesome performance which left us amazed and also craving for more... Before listening - prepare yourself to be overwhelmed!

"Prime Mover"
Note:beware, the bass is going to blow you away!

"Jigolo Har Megiddo"
Note: Papa's voice sounds even more seducing than usual, we really want to praise that irresistible hi-hat too and of course one of the most charming keyboard parts ever!

"Year Zero"
Note:Powerful and majestic, with that outstanding guitar solo that always captivates us!

"If You Have Ghost(s)"
Note: A guitar solo that speaks directly to our hearts!
And the perfection of Papa's voice will never cease to amaze us.


  1. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Did I mention I LOVE IT!! Can't get it loud enough!

  2. Same here! Still listening, over and over again!