December 08, 2013

Ghost at Flygeln, Norrköping 07/12/2013

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

it looks like the ritual in Norrköping has been memorable!, we have been reading such enthusiastic comments and everyone sounds so pleased, that's great, and from the videos we can definitely notice an amazing reception and support from the crowd, we were not there physically, but we were spiritually!

First of all, even before Ghost's ritual started, a "Hell Yes!" moment happened: our Mr. Ghoul Drummer joined Dead Soul on stage!

Dead Soul - "Find That Man" featuring Mr. Ghoul Drummer

"Stand By Him"
sounds even more awesome than usual adorned with a special keyboard intro!

"Secular Haze"

"If You Have Ghost(s)"

"Year Zero"

"Monstrance Clock"
With a perfect sing along by the crowd: well done, fellow devotees in Norrköping!

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