December 24, 2013

Radio Interview with A Nameless Ghoul on "The Rock Train"

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

our friends at the radio show "The Rock Train" on Siren FM 107.3 have informed us that on Thursday, December 26th they are going to air the interview conducted with A Nameless Ghoul in London when Ghost played at Alexandra Palace.
It will be featured on the two-hour show which starts at 8pm (U.K. time) and the live stream is available at:
Tune in at the right time to enjoy the conversation!
[Need help with time zones? Check here]


  1. Dear Nameless Witch, thanks for the information but I tried the link of siren and doesn´t work. It says "no found". Would you please check the link? ;)

  2. Just checked and It seems to be working properly! Let me know