February 24, 2014

Infernal hiatus

Dear fellow Ghost devotees!

The Witches of the Coven are now going on spiritual retreat for an undetermined period of time. Therefore, the updates on the site and on its social media accounts (Facebook/Twitter) will be discontinued. The message boards will still be up and running for everyone who wants to join the discussions. Many things have changed since when the Coven started and this place and its nature are now rather "dated" because still too connected to what was the original incarnation of Ghost. There surely are many other sources on the World Wide Web that can represent their current fanbase more accurately, while it would make no sense for us, and it would make no justice to Ghost, to carry on something that dwells on nostalgia and is very distant from the actual direction of the band. May Ghost achieve everything they desire and more, and see you all into the endless Depth of Satan's Eyes!

A brief update: As of April, 2014 the domain name and hosting plan associated with the boards are expired and currently there are no plans on bringing them back due to the fact it would not be possible to keep the Coven as accurate and heartfelt as it used to be.

February 12, 2014

Ghost live at Music Feeds Studio

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

recently, while in Australia for the Big Day Out, Papa  and the Nameless Ghouls took the time to stop by the Music Feeds Studio in Sydney and performed live three songs: "Ritual", "Year Zero" and "If You Have Ghost(s)" . Now, for our pleasure, they are available for all of us to enjoy, over and over again! Papa Emeritus II performing without makeup and dressed in an elegant suit exclusively for this occasion!

February 05, 2014

Ghost at Utopia Records Store and Interview

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

Some extensive coverage of the Australian crusade has been published by Utopia Records! The clip features
footage from Ghost's show in Sydney, from their In-Store appearance (some of our fellow devotees speak about Ghost there too!), and an interview with a Nameless Ghoul: enjoy!

February 03, 2014

Ghost at the Hi-Fi, Sydney 28/01/2014

Dear fellow Ghost devotees,

the second headlining ritual of this tour has been conducted in Sydney a few days ago and such delightful performance has surely made the night of everyone who witnessed it an amazing experience! A couple of videos to remember the greatness:

"If You Have Ghost(s)"

"Here Comes The Sun" (Papa's voice would really be able to make the ice melt!)