Nexus (Links)

This is the room of the Coven where we practice astral projection in order to visit other lands of the world wide web related to Ghost and their devotees.


The official site of Ghost, where you can read announcements directly from the clergy. Basically, our virtual church.

On this site Papa Emeritus II and the Nameless Ghouls offer a free download in exchange for our soul email address.

Official Merch Store - Europe - Official Merch Store - U.S.A.

Where you can buy whatever you need to show off your devotion.

The unholy gospel of Ghost is also spreading through social networks from these hell-gates:

-Additional Links-

Loma Vista Recordings

Ghost' s label company since May 2012.

Spinefarm Records

Spinefarm Records is Loma Vista's releasing partner on all Ghost recordings outside North America (except Scandinavia).

A Nameless Ghoul' s profile at Meinl Cymbals

Meinl Cymbals has the honor to count our venerated Nameless Ghoul drummer among its endorsers. Guess who was his teacher? Well, given the divine drumming he delivers, we really had no doubts.
Also on: Evans Drumheads .

A Nameless Ghoul' s profile at Fender Guitar

The unbelievably tasty basslines that cause us to worship our Nameless Ghoul bassist, come from these Fender bass guitars you can see on his artist's page at the company website.

Ghost page on

In the mood for some tech details? Here you can have a look at Ghost's equipment by Pigtronix.

Ghost live photo archive on

This site has plenty of great live shots from various Ghost' s shows to feast our sinful eyes on.


The Nameless Harem (Archive)

This is now the archive for a place that has been (and will remain in time) one of the most exquisite places for all the Ghost devotees who enjoy the pleasures of the Second Circle of Hell.

Ghost France

Fan site about Ghost for all the French speaking devotees.

Ghost Colombia

Fan site about Ghost for all the Spanish speaking devotees.

Ghost Brasil

Fan site about Ghost for all the Brasilian and Portoguese speaking devotees.

Raey Orez

Fan blog focusing on wallpapers and other downloadable stuff.


Once you're ready to leave our realm, here are a few web sites, not specifically about Ghost but still extremely interesting, that the witches of The Coven recommend:

Rise Above Records

Rise Above used to be Ghost's label until their ministry needed more resources in order to preach better the gospel of our Lord worldwide. It is one of the most kick-ass labels out there and it still is one of our favorites not only for the artists it represents but also for its genuine commitment to music. Not to mention that we will always be grateful to them for believing in Ghost when they were only at the beginning of their path.

Work by Claudio Marino

He is the artist behind many excellent websites of amazing bands, as well as several artworks for records and books. His site showcases some of his works as freelance and we, of course, applaud him especially for Ghost's website.

Fenriz' BAND Of The WEEK

Could this one be missing among our links? Of course not. Satisfy your lust for some good old school metal with Fenriz recommendations. Never disappoints.

DECIBEL Magazine

One of our favourite magazines - often features Ghost and many other great bands of the heavy metal scene. Well written and spiced up with some genuine irony as well.

Photo Galleries from live concerts and festivals, including some great shots of our almighty Ghost, by our friend Duke William Shane.